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Products for seniors

According to NFPA seniors 75 and older are nearly 3 times as likely to die in a fire compared to the general public. Having parents and grandparents myself this is alarming. My own grandmother had a kitchen fire not to long ago. My grandmother lives alone and could not twist off the lid of a small bottle out of her fridge. After trying and trying to open the bottle she decided to heat up the bottle on the stove. She took a pot filled it with a little water and put the bottle in the water, her plan was to heat the bottle to loosen the lid. My sweet grandmother left the stove on with the pot and bottle and walked away. She went about her different activities and quickly ended up laying down on the couch in the other room and falling asleep. While my grandmother was fast asleep the pot on the stove eventually evaporated all the water and started to burn the plastic bottle. Luckily my grandmother was awoken by the sound of the beeping smoke alarm. She awoke to thick black smoke, from the burning plastic, coming from the kitchen. She was fortunate and able to make her way to the kitchen and turn off the stove. She was left with the terrible smell of burned plastic in her home for weeks. She also needed help washing her walls and ceiling in the kitchen. Needless to say she now has a Fire Avert.

Her situation could have been a lot worse had she left her home or just not woken up to he beeping of the alarm. This easily could have burned her kitchen or maybe her entire home. After she told me of her story I started looking for products for seniors. I quickly found many useful products for seniors including, lights, chairs, walking devices, alert devices, ect. But surprisingly I could not find any products for seniors dealing with preventing kitchen fires.

Fire Avert is the perfect device for any senior person still living on their own. Kitchen fires can happen to anyone just ask my grandmother. Fire Avert is always protecting the kitchen and the people in the home. Fire Avert prevents stove fires by simply turning off the stove when grandma forgets.

visit nfpa website for more information

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