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The FireAvert Story

Created by a firefighter

Every 4.5 minutes, firefighters in the United States are summoned to homes to extinguish kitchen fires. Peter Thorpe, FireAvert's founder and a firefighter himself, witnessed numerous families' lives turned upside down as a result of unattended cooking fires. He contemplated, "if only there were a way to eliminate the heat source before the fire even began." Thus, FireAvert's Automatic Stove Shutoff was born.

Firefighter and fire engine

Our experience on Shark Tank

Designed to save lives

Our Automatic Stove Shutoff was specifically created to deactivate the stove, killing the heat source immediately upon detecting a fire alarm. Doing so protects not only the property but also the people living in it by preventing fires from ever igniting.

Grandma and granddaughter baking in kitchen
Smart home diagram

Beyond fires

After the remarkable success of preventing kitchen fires with our Automatic Stove Shutoff, we at FireAvert asked ourselves, "why stop there?" We remain committed to exploring novel methods to safeguard properties and ensure the safety of their occupants. This is precisely why we have extended our product line to include the Microwave Shutoff, Smoke Alarm Tamper Sensor, and Water Sensors. With all of these products operating seamlessly through our innovative Notification Gateway, we can send text notifications to provide you with even more peace of mind, even when you're away from home..  

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