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“I bought it for my 81-year-old father”

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Installing FireAvert's auto stove shutoff

We caught up with Cheryll Leopold to hear about her experience with FireAvert. “I had seen it on Shark Tank,” she told us, “and immediately went searching for it.”

“I had seen it on Shark Tank“

Cheryll is a property manager but her initial motivation was to use FireAvert to help keep her aging father safe.

“I bought it for my father, who’s 81,” she said, “because he’s not always hearing as well as he used to, and I’m afraid that him being by himself, that tea kettle won’t be loud enough where he won’t hear it.”

After ordering FireAvert for her father’s stove, Cheryll tested it out to make sure it would work. After quickly installing it herself, she synced her father’s smoke detector with FireAvert then had her brother set off the smoke detector.

“Within 8 seconds, it cut the burner electricity off, so that it would not work anymore, which is great, because that’s really quick.”

“Within 8 seconds, it cut the burner electricity off”

Her father was (unsurprisingly) a little resistant to the idea that he needed extra help. But the whole installation process was so quick and after being installed he didn’t notice it at all. So it was a no-brainer.

“It’s fabulous,” Cheryll continued, “because it doesn’t ever go bad, and all you have to do is sync it with your smoke detector so it knows that tone and you’re ready to go. It’s the guardian angel that you don’t know you have.”

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