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The Original
Auto Stove Shutoff

Without Texts

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Automatically cuts power when smoke is detected

24/7 monitoring

Text alerts when smoke is detected

Text alerts when appliances turn on

Reset appliances from phone

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Automatic Shutoff

Any time a smoke alarm is sounding, FireAvert will shut off the power source in order to prevent fires from starting.

24/7 Monitoring

FireAvert is vigilant around the clock. It's constantly monitoring and ready to take action at any moment.

User Friendly

FireAvert is simple and straightforward to install. It requires no maintenance and it remains out of sight. 


FireAvert promptly alerts you anytime smoke is detected. Caretakers can also get notifications.

The Auto Stove Shutoff

1. Food begins to smoke

2. Smoke alarm sounds

3. FireAvert shuts off stove

How it Works

Why it Works

When cooking, if food gets too hot for too long, it will begin to smoke. If it stays like that for an extended period, the food can catch fire.

The smoke that precedes a cooking fire causes the smoke detectors to sound. It's the sound of the smoke alarm that activates FireAvert's shutoff devices which promptly shut off the power to the source of the smoke.


FireAvert doesn't wait around until there's a fire, instead, it prevents fire from even beginning.

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