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Need to Reset Your Stove?

FireAvert Help Center

  • Does FireAvert warranty their products?
    Yes, fireAvert has a Lifetime warranty for all products purchased on our website at full retail price! See full Warranty
  • Are there discounts if I buy multiple units?
    Yes! The more you buy, the more you can save per unit. Click here to learn more.
  • Can I receive a discount on my insurance for installing the FireAvert products?
    This depends on your policy holder. You will need to contact your personal insurance company for further detail.
  • How do I know what "stove type" I need?
    To determine prong type for electric stoves: Carefully pull stove away from wall Look at stove cord color If the cord is gray, you need a 3 prong FireAvert product. If the cord is black, you need a four prong FireAvert product. For small electrical appliances like toasters, space heaters and microwaves, choose "120v" in the "stove type" section on the product page Have any questions? Feel free to give us at +1 (800) 677-9870
  • Is FireAvert UL and CSA approved?
    Yes, through ETL testing, FireAvert conforms to UL STD 498A and is certified to CSA STD C22.2 #42.
  • What if I accidentally set off my smoke alarm while cooking?
    FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff has an intelligent ten second-1 minute delay that allows those of us who aren’t the best cooks to clear out the smoke before FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff cuts power to the stove. The delay is plenty of time to clear out smoke or shut off the smoke alarm before the power is cut to the stove.
  • Does FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff work with Nest smoke alarms?
    Yes, FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff works perfectly with Nest smoke alarms!
  • Will FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff cause my stove to stick out?
    No, FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff fits in the void space behind most stoves. If your outlet is in an awkward position then you can order a pigtail from us. The pigtail acts as an extension cord and will allow you to maneuver the FireAvert as needed to fit in the void space.
  • How can I reset FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff?
    The FireAvert Auto Stove Shutoff is simply reset by flipping the breaker in your electrical panel off and back on again. Once the Auto Stove Shutoff is installed you never again have to pull the stove out. The Auto Stove Shutoff is also maintenance free with no batteries.
  • Will kids toys or loud music trip the Auto Stove Shutoff?
    No, FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff is smart enough to distinguish between kids screaming, loud music, kid toys, or any other sound. Only the true sound of your smoke alarm will activate the Auto Stove Shutoff.
  • Is FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff reusable?
    Yes, the Auto Stove Shutoff can be used over and over again. You never have to recharge or refill it!
  • What does the FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff do?
    FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff protects your home from stove fires day and night! The best way to prevent or stop a stove fire is by simply turning off the stove before there is any fire, and that is exactly what FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff does. FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff intelligently turns off the stove before there is any fire. The Auto Stove Shutoff is continually monitoring for the sound of your smoke alarm. When your smoke alarm sounds from food left on the stove, FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff will turn off the stove before there is any fire. This concept has been tested and proven by professionals around the country for being the best way to prevent or stop a stove fire.
  • Is FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff necessary?
    Yes, FireAvert Auto Stove Shutoff is a must for every home in the US. In fact every 3.5 minutes a stove fire is reported. Cooking on an electric stove is the #1 cause of home fires. In the US, 500 people lose their lives every year and 5,000 people are severely injured from these fires every year. The average cost of a stove fire for a home owner is over $6,000. FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff will be the cheapest home owners insurance you will ever buy.
  • How do I install FireAvert's Auto Stove Shutoff?
  • How do I install FireAvert's Auto Microwave Shutoff?
    The Auto Microwave Shutoff is easy to install simply unplug the microwave, and plug in FireAvert's Auto Microwave Shutoff into the outlet and the microwave in the side of the Auto Microwave Shutoff. You're all done.
  • Why do I need a Automatic Microwave Shutoff?
    It only takes an extra zero to turn 2 minutes into 20 minutes, tuning your hot-pocket into a flaming-pocket. If forgotten you will be glad you had FireAvert's Auto Microwave Shutoff preventing fire damage from taking place.
  • How do I install FireAvert's Tamper Sensors?
    Step 1: Apply the Magnet To begin, remove the backing of the adhesive on the small magnet and place it on the side of the smoke alarm. (If your smoke detector has a battery cover on the outside, be sure to place the magnet on the cover.) The magnet triggers the Tamper Sensor to detect tampering or unauthorized access. Step 2: Insert the Sensor Drop the Tamper Sensor into the housing, making sure the arrow is facing down. Step 3: Add the Cuplink Insert the rotation cup-link into the housing arm and rotate it slightly so that the sensor can nest closer to the smoke detector. Step 4: Place the Tamper Sensor Remove the backing of the adhesive on the Tamper Sensor housing and place it next to the magnet on the smoke detector. Step 5: Test the Tamper Sensor To test the sensor, simply rotate the smoke detector out of position and back to its original position. When you rotate the smoke detector back into place, a green light will flash on the tamper sensor, indicating that the sensor is active, you should receive a text message letting you know the smoke detector was tampered with. This means that the Tamper Sensor is installed correctly and is ready to protect your property and those that live in it.
  • What is a Water Sensor?
    FireAvert's Water Sensors is a sensor that you place where potential leaks or flooding can happen. Under sinks, behind toilets, washers or even at your water heater or a window seal. Our water sensors send a signal to a centralized gateway that will send a text alert to your phone, letting you know when water is detected.
  • How do I install FireAvert's Water Sensors?
    FireAvert's Water Sensors are easy to instal and no tools are required. Step 1. Plug in the gateway Step 2. Place the metal receptacles on the stand and place it at the base where water may show up. Step 3. Remove the backing of the adhesive on the sensor and stick it up on the wall or water heater keeping it away from potential water. That's it! If water shows up you will know about it before it gets out of hand.

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