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Perfect for Senior Living

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Grandma cooking with granddaughter

FireAvert was founded to help solve one of the most common dangers to residences: kitchen fires. From single family homes to large apartment complexes, fires started in the kitchen cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year and, sadly, injury and even death.

One especially useful application of our revolutionary technology is in retirement and assisted-living communities. We caught up with Katie Davis—a longtime FireAvert customer who manages a senior living facility—to hear about her experience.

"FireAvert turned the stove off"

“We installed FireAvert because we have, from time to time, a senior get forgetful that they left something on the stove,” she told us, “The first time it was triggered, the person was broiling, and it created smoke and a fire in the stove. The FireAvert turned the stove off.”

Katie explained that cooking is an even bigger cause for concern in senior living centers because many residents struggle with memory. “It’s a relief knowing that if a resident goes down for a nap or is on a certain medication that makes them forgetful, the stove will go off if that fire alarm goes off.”

Katie isn’t the only one who worries about this. She told us that many of the family members of her residents will go so far as to unplug ovens because they worry about their loved ones trying to cook on their own.

"This solves that problem"

“As people become more forgetful, family members tend to unplug the stove because they don’t want their family member cooking. We have to keep the stoves plugged in and working. The family members are like, ‘But it’s not safe for my mom to live alone if she has a stove.’ This solves that problem.”

Katie continued, “It has given us a sense of relief. It’s always in the back of our head just knowing it’s there and that it’s working. When I go home on weekends, I’m not constantly checking the cameras to make sure everything’s okay.”

As seen on shark tank FireAvert Auto stove shutoff

If you’re looking for a better way to protect against cooking fires on your property, FireAvert was created just for you. Since our initial product, we’ve grown to offer a large selection of home safety technology.

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