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Peace of Mind for Tenants & Property Managers

We love to hear stories from FireAvert customers. Most often we hear from property managers and owners of large residential properties. But we were able to catch up with Molly Burke who uses FireAvert in her own apartment and loved hearing about the benefits that come to residents themselves.

Molly told us she was initially a little worried about false alarms with FireAvert because the timer on her toaster oven sounds a lot like her fire alarm. But she was relieved to find it has never been an issue.

“The first time the toaster oven went off, I was worried that the FireAvert would go off; it didn’t,” she said, “It’s a great amount of peace of mind to know that no matter what happens, there just isn’t even going to be a fire start in the first place.”

"[FireAvert] hears the smoke alarm before there’s ever even a fire."

Molly mentioned that the peace of mind extends beyond just protection of her own property. “I’m always concerned that if I do cause a fire that it’s going to affect more than just my apartment, “Molly told us, “[but] I don’t have to worry about mitigating my damage to someone else. [FireAvert] hears the smoke alarm before there’s ever even a fire.”

She was also quick to tell us about one of the most popular benefits of FireAvert: convenience.

“The neat thing about FireAvert is that it’s so very user friendly."

“The neat thing about FireAvert is that it’s so very user friendly. I have never had to replace any battery on it. It doesn’t give me any trouble. It can be depended on to just sit in the background and take care of what it really needs to take care of.”

This convenience includes any instances where FireAvert needs to shut off a device.

“If it goes off,” Molly explained, “you just simply go flip the switch on the breaker and you turn it back on. That’s my favorite thing about it.”

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