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Why Water Leak Sensors Are Crucial

Updated: Jan 22

Water damaged basement

Household leaks are more common than many of us realize. According to the EPA, ten percent of households experience some form of water leak. These leaks can range from innocent, non-stop drips to potential flood precursors, depending on various factors. That's why here at FireAvert we've expanded our focus from fire prevention to include flood prevention as well.

FireAvert's water sensor

The FireAvert Advantage

At FireAvert, we're determined to protect you, your family, and your investments from common household destructors using smart and innovative technology. We understand that more often than not, homeowners, landlords, and property managers are away from their investments, that's why we created the ultimate solution with tons of benefits to help you feel peace of mind. Introducing the FireAvert Water Leak Sensor:

+ Proactive Prevention

When a leak is detected, FireAvert's Water Sensor doesn't rely on alarms. Instead, it sends a text alert, prompting a quick response, preventing potential water damage.

+ Comprehensive Coverage

Traditional sensors may go unnoticed or be ignored in a busy household. FireAvert's approach ensures that everyone in charge is informed, minimizing the risk of overlooking a leak.

+ User-Friendly Interface

Easily set up, monitor, and control the Water Leak Sensor. No app or complicated installation is required!

+ Smart Alerts

Accidents happen. Sometimes water spills and gets the sensor wet. Instead of notifying you of a leak immediately and annoying you with false alarms, the sensor waits for 7 minutes. If after 7 minutes a leak is still detected, you will receive a text alert prompting immediate action.

Don't let common household leaks turn into an expensive restoration. Explore the advanced technology of FireAvert's Water Sensor and experience a new level of protection for your home.

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