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FireAvert in Real Life: “I found them to be a godsend”

Michelle Butler is an experienced property and community manager. Despite her years in the industry, she hadn’t heard about FireAvert until she took over a senior residence community in the Midwestern United States that already had FireAvert installed.

It didn’t take long for her to become a big believer.

“The word needs to get out about FireAvert. People need to know about this,” Michelle told us. “When they started working, I found them to be a godsend.”

Michelle told us of one incident where a resident left something greasy on a lit stove and went to bed. A fire started but before the resident could get out of bed or the sprinklers turned on, FireAvert had shut off the stove and the fire had stopped.

“After evaluating the damage, there was only cleaning damage to that oven range—there was actually no fire damage, no electrical damage. The stove was still in working condition,” she explained. “If the fire hadn’t stopped, all the water from the sprinklers [would have soaked] from the third-floor apartment to the second-floor apartment to the first-floor apartment. [Then] it’s water damage. You don’t understand how much water just one sprinkler lets out.”

In addition to the big benefits Michelle is seeing as a property manager, she also highlighted something we don’t talk about as much at FireAvert—the benefit to the residents themselves.

“Residents are much more comfortable with knowing that the FireAverts are there,” she explained.

Happy managers, happy residents. That’s a win-win.

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