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The Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Updated: Jan 22

Peter Thorpe Introducing FireAvert

The traditional measures used to protect tenants and properties from fires—keeping everything to code, smoke alarms, and automated sprinklers—are crucial. A proper maintenance plan that follows local laws and regulations is one of the best ways to help tenants avoid fires in the first place, smoke detectors provide an important early warning system in the event that a fire does happen, and a proper fire sprinkler system can drastically mitigate fire damage. In fact, these approaches are so important that they are legally required in most apartment complexes.

Despite that, however, fires are still an enormous problem for managers of large properties. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), "in 2021 local fire departments responded to an estimated 1.35 million fires in the United States. These fires caused 3,800 civilian fire deaths and 14,700 reported civilian fire injuries. The property damage caused by these fires was estimated at $15.9 billion."

This is especially true for apartment complexes, which are particularly vulnerable due to the sheer number of kitchens in close proximity. Cooking is the leading cause of kitchen fires, as well as home-fire related deaths and injuries. In another study by the NFPA, it was found that nearly half of residential fires are caused by cooking.

With that in mind, most property managers are eager to get as much fire protection as reasonably possible. Smoke alarm monitoring systems ofter property managers the opportunity to add an important layer of fire protection to those traditional approaches.

How FireAvert Works

How Does a Monitored Fire Alarm System Work?

A fire alarm monitoring system works together with smoke alarms/smoke detectors to significantly decrease the likelihood of small kitchen fires spreading throughout an entire property. There are a few types of smoke detectors available but all perform the same basic function: detect smoke then alert residents by triggering a fire alarm.

The obvious benefit of smoke alarms is that they alert anyone present when a fire starts so action can be taken to extinguish the flames and limit the smoke or fire damage. The problem, as many property managers are aware, is that many people aren't well-versed in the right way to respond to a fire and often forget one of the most important steps: stopping the heat source. Or, even if the person present is aware, it can often be difficult to shut off a stove while flames are present. That's the biggest benefit of a fire alarm monitoring system.

Fire alarm monitoring works with your existing smoke alarms to automatically shut off the heat source when smoke detection occurs. After a small delay (to prevent a false alarm), these fire alarm systems respond the sound of the smoke detector to cut power to the appliance. By doing this, tenants are better able to contain the fire with simple approaches like smothering the flames or using a fire extinguisher, rather than calling the local fire department to handle a much more dangerous (and expensive) problem.

As Seen on Shark Tank FireAvert, Kids opening oven.

FireAvert: the Leader in Smoke Alarm Monitoring Technology

In 2016, after years of responding to fires that could have been prevented, firefighter Peter Thorpe decided there had to be a better way to prevent these tragedies from occurring. He created FireAvert and made a big splash right off the bat when he was invited on to NBC's SharkTank to pitch the revolutionary product.

What started as a single product designed to work with electric stoves soon grew into FireAvert versions for gas stoves and microwaves. Now, over six years later, FireAvert continues to lead the way in innovative, practical, and affordable property protection technology.

Introducing FireAvert Pro

FireAvert Pro is the premiere smoke alarm monitoring system from FireAvert. Building on the core of the original FireAvert device, FireAvert Pro is designed to automatically shut off kitchen stoves and send real-time notifications when smoke alarms sound, making it ideal for property managers looking to protect apartment complexes.

FireAvert Pro Text Notification Feature

From an easy-to-use digital dashboard, property managers get a digital monitoring center that allows you to view the status of all FireAvert units across your property. That means 24/7 management of smoke events and stove activity so you can learn of hazards before they happen, execute work orders remotely, and save thousands (or more) on insurance.

Installation of fireavert

Easy Installation

FireAvert Pro is so easy to install that it doesn’t require any professional skills. The steps vary (depending on the type of appliance) but all FireAvert products can be installed in minutes and without professional installation experience. That means incorporating FireAvert into your property fire prevention program can be done in a single day (or a few days for very large complexes).

Traditional measures such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are still important for preventing fires, but FireAvert Pro adds an additional layer of protection. It's an invaluable tool for any apartment complex or rental unit. Keep your tenants safe and protect your building from fire-related damage with FireAvert.

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Josh Sargent
Josh Sargent
Sep 27, 2023

A fire alarm can help people make quick decisions, which can save more lives and cause minimal damage to the property. Always contact Locksmith Coral Springs experts to install fire and smoke alarms on your property at a reasonable cost.

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