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The Great Risk of Smoking Indoors

Updated: May 14

Burnt cigarette on the floor

The Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes Indoors

You may be thinking you know all about the health risks of smoking, however, cigarettes pose significant risks beyond personal health, extending into our homes and endangering lives and property. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) highlights the scary reality that cigarettes are a leading cause of house fire deaths in the United States, resulting in tragic consequences year after year.

Fire destruction analytics due to smoking

Smoking In The Bedroom

Smoking indoors (especially in the bedroom) is extremely dangerous. A dropped cigarette or even a single ember can quickly ignite curtains, furniture, and carpets, leaving the room completely engulfed in flames.

Smoking in bed remains the leading cause of fire-related deaths. The combination of flammable bedding materials and the risk of smokers falling asleep while holding a lit cigarette is a recipe for disaster.

The Cost of Cigarette Damage

100 dollar bill burning

It's safe to assume that cigarette-caused home fires can be costly, but how costly are they?

In 2021, there were 7,800 residential building fires caused by smoking, which resulted in $361,500,000 in property loss. That's an average of $46,346 per house!

Prioritizing Fire Safety

Mitigating these risks should be your top priority. Here are 3 rules to implement right away to help prevent disaster:

  1. Only smoke outdoors

  2. Have a designated cigarette disposal in a non-combustible container

  3. Make sure smoke alarms are plugged in, have batteries, and test them regularly

Educating for Prevention

Cigarettes in their carton spill out onto the counter

Education and awareness are paramount in addressing the risks of cigarettes for home fires. By informing our friends, family, and tenants of the dangers of smoking indoors and advocating for fire safety measures, we can reduce cigarette-related house fires, save lives, and protect our properties from preventable disasters.

Thank you for your efforts in creating a safer world!

Team FireAvert

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