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FireAvert in Real Life: "It's Paid Off 3 or 4 Times"

Lynn Oatman is the manager of a 100-unit senior high-rise apartment building. We had a chance to talk with Lynn and hear about her experience with FireAvert.

One of the things we loved hearing from Lynn is one of the most common benefits of using our smoke alarm monitoring: the peace of mind it offers not just for management and residents, but also for the families of those residents.

“It’s not just an individual, [that peace of mind] extends to everybody associated with that person using that stove,” Lynn told us.

"When that smoke alarm goes off and it shuts that stove off"

Lynn manages a complex for seniors where there is a heightened risk of inadvertently leaving a stove on. Previous to using FireAvert, Lynn had been lucky enough to avoid a full fire but had dealt with a lot of smoke damage.

“We haven’t had an actual fire but we have had severe smoke damage from stoves being on. When that smoke alarm goes off and it shuts that stove off, it prevents an odor going through a six-story building like crazy, especially through the elevator shaft. It stops it. It really, really does.”

Lynn was also quick to point out the ease and convenience. In her words, “There’s nothing to putting them in. We got our FireAverts installed when we all got new stoves. We have 100 apartment units. We’re a senior high-rise. With those FireAverts, it has worked every time. The FireAvert syncs to the smoke alarm. That smoke alarm goes off. It shuts the stove down. It avoided what could’ve been a disastrous situation.”

To learn more about FireAvert’s line of innovative products, get a free quote for your complex.

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