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Stove Fires at the 2014 NAA National Convention

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Made and designed by firefighters

Stove fires at the 2014 NAA National Convention in Denver was a HOT topic… pardon the pun. From the many fire prevention, insurance & restoration booths at the trade show to the NAA Convention main stage where Peter Thorpe, Fire Avert’s Founder & CEO, pitched the property & life preserving benefits of Fire Avert preventing stove fires to Barbara & Kevin from Shark Tank, the discussion of stove fires and fire prevention seemed to be everywhere.

Before heading to Denver, we did a lot of research on sites like NFPA, CPSC, & U.S Fire Administration to find facts on stove fires and cooking fires specific to apartments. The hope was we could find enough data to convince NAA members that stove fires in apartments were a problem and fire prevention should be a concern for every apartment owner or manager.

Things like…

  1. 60% of all apartment fires involve cooking equipment – specifically stove fires

  2. ~$1B in fire related property damage is expected this year

  3. Apartments have a 1 in 20 chance of a cooking fire this year

…seemed to be great stats for convincing people to look at fire prevention solutions like Fire Avert.

What we found is apartment owners and managers did not need any convincing, many of them had firsthand stories of stove fires where  tenants put food on the stove to cook then left the apartment, fell asleep or passed out because they were drunk or high. While there were a few lucky apartment owners that had never had a cooking fire, several apartment owners we talked to said that they’d multiple stove fires in the last year (2013).

We’d like thank all the NAA members for the overwhelming support we received at this year’s convention. Our only goal was to officially lunch Fire Avert and promote awareness of stove fire prevention, but were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming show of support and many orders we received for Fire Avert. This far exceeded our expectations and wouldn’t have been possible without each of you, so again from the entire Fire Avert team… THANK YOU!  We’ll see you next year at the 2016 NAA Convention in Las Vegas.

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