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Stove Fire Prevention vs Suppression

Updated: 7 days ago

Here at Fire Avert (when it comes to stove fires) we are continually asked the difference between stove fire prevention and suppression. For years when it came to stove fires suppression was the only options. There are many products out there that will use a suppression product such as a dry powder to suppress and a stove fire. These products either attach under your microwave or under your range hood. There are also some products that mount in the cabinet above the kitchen stove. These products can range up to $500 and are not reusable. If your suppression device activates you will either need to replace it or have it refilled and charged. If your suppression device activates you should plan on replacing the microwave and the side cabinets. Another option widely used for fire suppression is fire sprinklers. Fire Sprinklers are mostly found in multifamily housing complexes but are becoming more and more popular in single family homes. Fire Sprinklers will stop the stove fire but will also flood your home and anyone living below you. The biggest difference between suppression and prevention is suppression devices require actual fire to activate. Some of these products require the fire to lick the actual device before it will activate. The microwave and cabinets will most likely be burned before they activate, this is why you will need to replace them.

Fire Avert is prevention not suppression, meaning it prevents the stove fire from ever starting. Because we know smoke perceives fire, Fire Avert will turn off the stove during the smoking stage of a stove fire. Fire Avert is an intelligent device that knows when there is significant smoke coming from the stove and will cut power to the stove before the smoke turns to fire. Most stove fires reported surprisingly never have any fire. Most stove fires just smoke and smoke continually until the stove is shutoff. This smoke can be just as deadly as an actual fire, and the cost to clean the smoke can be thousands and thousands of dollars.

Stove fires are the most common cause of home fire fatalities in the US and cause 1 Billion $ in damage every year.

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