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Senior stove fires

Updated: 7 days ago

Fire Avert is selling more and more to seniors. We are continually hearing from our customers that they are purchasing Fire Avert for their grandmother or grandfather that still lives alone. So do seniors have more stove fires then other demographics? The answer is YES! According to NFPA seniors are 3 times more likely to have a stove fire. But not just have a stove fire, seniors are also more likely to have a fatal fire. These statistics are devastating! The sad part is senior stove fires are preventable. We can educate seniors on cooking safely, put signs and notes up so they can remember safe cooking practices. Install and make sure their smoke alarms are working properly.

Most important install a Fire Avert for them. Fire Avert can prevent stove fires and save our grandparents from the devastating disasters of a stove fire. Fire Avert prevents stove fires by turning off the stove when someone forgets. The nice thing is it doesn’t work by motion or heat but rather smoke. When food is left unattended and their smoke alarms sounds Fire Avert will hear the smoke alarm sounding and turn off the stove. The stove remains off until the breaker for the stove is flipped OFF then back ON. Fire Avert is maintenance free and works as good as it sounds. Fire Avert can be installed in less then 10 minutes and requires no tools or professional assistance. Fire Avert has already prevented two fires this year that we know about. Fire Avert prevents stove fires before they happen.

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