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New home for Fire Avert, stove fire prevention

Updated: Apr 15

After 2 years of running Fire Avert out of the garage, we are finally in our new office space.

FireAvert started as an idea from several firefighters and now is quickly becoming the standard for multifamily housing.  Just over two years we have finished development, started manufacturing, received our first inventory, placed a 2nd order with our manufacturer, and are quickly filling orders as they come in.  FireAvert is unique in that it is the first stove fire prevention product that works on prevention, not suppression.  For many years people depended upon suppression devices to stop stove fires such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, or other home suppression products.  FireAvert is the only product that prevents instead of suppresses.  Firefighters always say it is much cheaper to prevent a stove fire rather than suppress it.  If you are wondering if FireAvert is really necessary just ask any Fire Fighter.

Firefighters respond to a stove fires every 3.5 minutes in the US.  These stove fires are mainly from unattended cooking.  As a career Firefighter, I can tell you most stove fires I have been on are simply because someone left food cooking on the stove and forgot about it.  You can easily and cheaply prevent these fires by installing a FireAvert!

FireAvert prevents stove fires by cutting power to the stove when your smoke detector sounds. It works like this, someone forgets they left food cooking on the stove, the food starts to burn, the smoke detector sounds, FireAvert hears the smoke detector and cuts power to the stove preventing the stove fire. When we tell people about FireAvert they always say “why didn’t I think of that”. Let FireAvert keep your home and family safe from the leading cause of home fires.

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