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Man Falls Asleep While Cooking, FireAvert Saves the Day

Updated: Jan 22

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We all know what it’s like to get distracted while cooking a meal. This is one of the main reasons kitchen fires are the #1 cause of residential fires (and the 2nd leading cause of home deaths).1 One of FireAvert’s customers shared a story with us about how distracted cooking nearly cost him an entire property, and nearly caused the tenants severe injury.

Property owner Bill Cereske had heard of FireAvert well before he decided to have them installed in a four-plex he owns. When a tenant fell asleep while cooking and the fire required a call to the local fire department, he decided it was time to make a change.

“It smoked the place out pretty good"

“It smoked the place out pretty good, Bill said, “so I said, ‘Okay, time to get off the pot and order these things.

He ordered FireAvert for stoves in all four units and installation was a breeze. He dropped them off with his maintenance guy and they were all installed in minutes. Bill noted that the quick and easy installation has been a huge benefit. FireAvert is tucked in nicely behind the stove so tenants are often unaware that it’s even there.

“It doesn’t change how people cook… it doesn’t affect the tenant in any way, Bill told us, “[and] I like that idea because then they’re not tempted to fool with it.

It didn’t take long after FireAvert was installed at Bill’s four-plex for him to be glad he’d made the call.

“The tenant fell asleep again with food on the stove and the fire detector went off and [FireAvert] snapped off the stove, he recounted, “[so] in this case it was a fairly minor situation, [FireAvert] avoided any real incident. Nobody even thought to call the fire department this time.

“The fire detector went off and [FireAvert] snapped off the stove"

If you manage properties or are looking for more peace of mind for your own home, learn more about how FireAvert works with your existing smoke detectors to automatically shut off appliances when a fire starts.

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