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How to Put Out Grease Fires - Act Fast

Follow these 3 steps immediately to put out your grease fire:

* Do Not Use Water: Never, under any circumstances, use water to douse a grease fire. It will only cause the flames to intensify.

1. Turn Off the Heat: The first crucial step is to cut the heat source. Turn the burner to OFF.

2. Cover with a Lid: Quickly and carefully place a lid or another pan over the burning pan to smother the flames. Do not remove the lid until it's entirely cool.

3. Use Baking Soda: If you can't safely cover the fire with a lid, grab a box of baking soda and pour it all over the flames.


The Causes of Grease Fires

Man cooking on a kitchen stove

A sizzling pan, the rich aroma of cooking, and suddenly, a dangerous burst of flames – a grease fire in your kitchen can be a heart-pounding emergency. In these moments, you must act swiftly and effectively to prevent disaster.

Most grease fires start due to:

An illustrated icon depicting an oil splatter

Splatters: Droplets of hot oil can ignite if they land on a burner.

An illustrated icon depicting overheating oil

Overheating: Leaving oil or fat unattended on high heat.

An illustrated icon depicting a dirty stove

Dirty Stove: Built-up grease on the stove or exhaust hood can catch fire.

In order to prevent grease fires from happening and ensure kitchen safety in the future, practice these tips:

  • Never leave hot oil or cooking food unattended

  • Keep the stove and exhaust hood clean

  • Use a thermometer to monitor oil temperature

Someone cleaning a dirty stovetop with a sponge

If you or someone you love seems to always turn cooking into a fiery spectacle, there's a solution: FireAvert. FireAvert's innovative devices shut off the stove at the sound of a fire alarm, effectively preventing kitchen fires – the leading cause of house fires. Protect your home and loved ones from cooking fires with FireAvert.

Now you're equipped with essential knowledge to extinguish a grease fire, but remember, prevention is the key. Keep your kitchen safe and explore FireAvert for ultimate peace of mind. Don't let your culinary adventures turn into a kitchen disaster. Stay safe, cook smart, and protect your home.

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Oct 24, 2023

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