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Hot-Dots: A New Product from FireAvert

Updated: Apr 8

FireAvert Hot-Dots on stove

If you’re reading this blog post, you likely know that our original FireAvert product is known for its ability to prevent cooking fires by cutting the power to a stove when a smoke alarm sounds. Over the past few years, our technology has been proven again and again—saving properties from devastating damage and saving lives that may have been lost as the result of a fire. Here is one of our favorite testimonials that proves just that:

“You should use FireAvert because it’ll save you potentially thousands of dollars if somebody decides to have a fish fry in their oven. It saved us. They really do work.”

– Michael Lowder | Hawk Ridge Apartments

Yes, they do work—preventing thousands of dollars of property damage for apartment complexes and senior living facilities all over the country. But what if there was a way to prevent the FireAvert from even needing to shut off the stove in the first place? That’s the idea behind our new product, Hot-Dots.

Hot-Dots are a simple, color-coded sticker solution that helps you easily match stove top elements with the appropriate knobs—as well as clearly indicating when the knob is safely turned OFF. Many kitchen fires and cooking-related injuries occur because an incorrect burner is turned on, igniting a forgotten oven mitt or pot of food. But with Hot-Dots, this possibility is greatly diminished as each knob of your stovetop is visibly linked to its corresponding burner in bright shades of red, blue, yellow, and green.

To install Hot-Dots, simply place the “Off” stickers above each knob on your stove and place the correlating Hot-Dot sticker no closer than 2” away from each element or flame. It’s that easy!

Because Hot-Dots are such a simple and fun solution, they are especially helpful for children just starting to use the stove and seniors who still cook independently. But they make a safer stovetop experience for everyone, which is why we are so excited for you to try them out!

To get a quote for bulk orders, or to learn more about this new product, please fill out this form

To see Hot-Dots on our website, click here.

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