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Beat the Heat with FireAvert

Updated: Jan 22

Turning down the thermostat

Though Summer may be winding down in the coming weeks, the heat shows no signs of letting up just yet. And coupled with the devastating wildfires burning up so much of the West, the reality of the damage that fires and excessive heat can cause have never been more on our minds. Our thoughts and prayers are with those brave men and women working to fight these fires.

While installing FireAvert units in your complexes may not have an effect on the heat of Summer and the wildfires raging across the country, it will prevent a kitchen fire from harming your apartments and residents. Something so small could prevent a tragedy close to home. We recently received this message from one of our customers:

“A tenant of mine, she forgot she had something on the stove and she left. The FireAvert did what it’s supposed to. We didn’t have our apartment building burned down. That $200.00 that we spent on that FireAvert saved us $20,000.00.”

The FireAvert will save you money–and can save lives, too. If you’d like to learn more about our product and how easily you could install it in your complex today, just click the button below. We’d love to speak with you.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe rest of your Summer!

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