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FireAvert Develops Fire Relief Fund For Kitchen Fire Victims

Updated: Apr 15

Salt Lake City, UT – FireAvert was recently featured on news station KUTV2 in Salt Lake City. The story highlighted FireAvert’s support of local Salt Lake City resident Virginia Cannon who recently suffered a stove fire after leaving food cooking on the unattended stove.

According to statistics by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), stove fires start nearly every 3.5 minutes across the United States.

Virginia Cannon had just put some butter in a pan before being sidetracked talking with friends, becoming another misfortunate statistic of the NFPA. Luckily Virginia survived, but not after getting hurt in the traumatic experience, as well as being removed from her home as it was repaired from roughly $50,000 worth of smoke and fire damage. After hearing her story, FireAvert was determined to help.

FireAvert has committed to donating 20% of every sale for the next 30 days to Virginia’s fire relief fund.

FireAvert founder, Peter Thorpe, has hopes of establishing and growing their fire relief fund program across the nation. Said Peter, “FireAvert is in business to help save lives from tragedy and trauma. For those who weren’t fortunate to have a FireAvert in their home to prevent a fire, we want to help get them on their feet. While also getting devices in the home of relief fund supporters.”

About FireAvert’s Fire Relief Fund Project

FireAvert is committed to helping anyone who has suffered tragedy and loss at the hands of a kitchen fire by raising relief funds on their behalf. If you know anyone who recently suffered a kitchen fire, please reach out to FireAvert to learn more about creating a fire relief fund. If interested in donating, or specifically purchasing a FireAvert to ensure your home and help fix Virginia’s, please visit

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