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My Thoughts about FireAvert –

As a mom of teens who cook, I worry about them catching my house on fire. You never know when a fire will start on a glass top electric stove. If they cook with oil, and it gets on the glass top, it can catch fire. There are many other ways for a fire to start on an electric stove. Thanks you to a new company called FireAvert, there is a product that will turn off the stove once the smoke detector goes off.

I love the idea of this product. This will help so many homeowners stop worrying about a cooking fire. It is easy to use and great for anyone who cooks on an electric stove. My only concern: If you are one of those cooks who sets off the smoke detector without catching your food on fire, you will have to worry about the FireAvert turning off your stove. However, you will quickly learn to turn your temperature down when cooking.

As both a mom and a person who has an electric stove, I love this product. It gives me peace-of-mind knowing that if my kids are cooking when I am home or away, the Fire Avert will stop a kitchen fire before it gets out of hand. It is easy to install. All you do it pull out your stove and plug the FireAvert into the wall outlet. Then, you plug the stove into the FireAvert and push the stove back in place.

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