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Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!

Updated: Jan 22

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Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!

This week was the 2020 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s National Fire Prevention Week. Each year they choose a theme focusing on a different aspect of fire safety to share with the community, and this year we are so excited they chose “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!”, aiming to remind the public that everyone can play a role in helping to prevent home fires that start in the kitchen. Cooking safety is our number one priority here at FireAvert—and has been since day 1—so we appreciate any opportunity to spread more awareness and help others prevent fires in their homes. The NFPA has so many resources to check out—from videos, infographics, and games, to teaching materials and lesson plans—there’s bound to be something that you can use to educate others about this important topic. Below, we’ll highlight some of the main points the NFPA has pulled together for National Fire Prevention Week 2020:

Fast Tips for Kitchen Safety
  • Keep cooking areas clear of clutter, especially those materials which can ignite — such as oven mitts, dish towels, wooden utensils, and food packaging.

  • Always keep a lid close by in case a grease fire starts when frying so that you can slide the lid over the pan and smother the flame.

  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing while cooking and do not cook if you are drowsy.

  • Test your smoke alarms regularly so that if a fire starts, everyone recognizes the sound and knows to get out and stay out!

They also have information on cooking safety messages such as setting kid-free zones in the kitchen, how to extinguish a small kitchen fire, the importance of working smoke alarms in the home, practicing a home escape plan, hidden electrical hazards, and more.

We hope you’ll celebrate National Fire Prevention Week—the longest-running public health observance in the United States—and take the opportunity this month to share this information with your friends, loved ones, and residents if you’re a property owner. Teaching others this information can truly have a lasting impact on their ability to cook safely in the kitchen and help prevent home fires and injuries.

Cooking Safely with FireAvert

In addition to all the great information from the NFPA, the best way to prevent cooking fires is to invest in FireAvert! Our fire safety products provide an essential level of safety to ensure cooking fires don’t happen in your home by cutting the electric power, or the natural gas, to your kitchen stove when a smoke alarm sounds. We all get distracted at times, and FireAvert provides peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected from the most dangerous source of fires in your home – cooking fires.

Visit our website today to learn more about FireAvert and how we protect your home and family!

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