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Landlord Times Features Fire Avert on Front Page

The Landlord times, a print and online publication for apartment and rental property managers, recently approached Fire Avert to write an article on our ground breaking new fire prevention device. In the article, we reference the glowing support Fire Avert has received from firefighters and fire chiefs who have had the opportunity to learn about the life saving device and who desperately want to see it preventing fires in homes. Fire Avert is crucial in eliminating the threat of these fires. As former Utah Fire Chief, Coy Porter, has said, “Fighting kitchen fires can be a significant event in our job. The challenge is prevention. It is much cheaper to prevent a stove fire than it is to face its aftermath.”

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You can never be too safe in your home or apartment and the next to making sure that fire safety is at a premium is FireAvert. is plug-in ready. Your home will be protected from stove fires in minutes

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