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Keeping Your Home Safe with FireAvert’s Automatic Shut Off Feature

Updated: Jan 22

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Fire safety is an important part of home security and smoke alarms are a key component in any fire prevention system. Smoke alarm monitoring systems work in tandem with smoke detectors to provide an extra layer of protection by automatically shutting off appliances when smoke alarms are activated. By quickly eliminating the heat source of the fire, property owners can enjoy improved fire protection to avoid catastrophic amounts of damage.

FireAvert's auto stove and microwave shutoff

The Automatic Shut Off Feature

The science behind smoke detectors is pretty simple. Even though there are different types of smoke detectors, they all do the same basic thing: detect the presence of smoke and sound a loud alarm to alert tenants or loved ones of the emergency. Smoke alarms are so critical to fire safety that they are legally required. FireAvert revolutionized fire prevention by creating an advanced monitored fire alarm system that piggy backs of the required protection of smoke detectors by automatically shutting off an appliance in response to the sound of smoke detectors.

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How FireAvert Monitors Smoke Detectors to Prevent Fire Damage

FireAvert is simple to install and doesn’t require any professional skills. It’s a small unit that works as a gatekeeper between the appliance and the power source. FireAvert works with existing smoke alarms and even fire alarms of home security tools like Nest alarms so no extra purchases are required to add this crucial layer of protection to

your home security system. According to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchen fires are the #1 cause of residential fires so FireAvert offers units for gas stoves, electric stoves, and microwaves.

When a fire occurs and a smoke detector is triggered, FireAvert responds to the sound of the alarm (after a short delay to prevent a false alarm) to cut the heat source. The automatic shut off feature helps ensure that any potential fires are contained quickly and efficiently before they can cause more harm.

If you own or manage larger properties then you’ll also want to look into FireAvert Pro. In addition to the automatic shut off feature of all FireAvert products, FireAvert Pro includes cloud-based fire alarm monitoring. From an easy-to-use digital dashboard you have your very own monitoring center that allows you to view the status of all FireAvert units across your property. That gives you 24/7 management of smoke events & stove activity so you can learn of hazards before they happen, execute work orders remotely, and save thousands (or more) on insurance.

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Benefits of FireAvert’s Automatic Shut Off Feature

FireAvert’s automatic shut off feature is an invaluable tool in keeping your home safe from fires. The main benefit is that it helps ensure that potential fires are contained quickly and efficiently so that minimal damage is done to your property and everyone is kept safe. This peace of mind can be invaluable.

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What You Should Consider When Purchasing FireAvert

When purchasing FireAvert for a property, there are several key considerations that property managers should bear in mind.

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Consider your appliance type

FireAvert is available for microwaves, as well as gas and electric stoves. Take inventory of the appliances used on your property to ensure you order the right type and amount. We’re happy to work with you on exchanges in the case you make mistakes but it’s easier for you to avoid that hassle in the first place.

FireAvert's auto stove shutoff installation

Plan installation

Installing FireAvert is extremely easy. The steps vary depending on the type of appliance but in all cases it only takes minutes and can be done by someone without professional installation skills. That means most property owners can have FireAvert installed in all their units in a single day (or  a few days for very large complexes).

Budget for the long term

FireAvert is affordable but, obviously, it costs more than skipping on monitoring smoke detectors at all. Most FireAvert customers save significant money in the long term when factoring in the savings on insurance or cleaning up smoke and fire damage that could have been prevented with proper fire protection.

Don’t forget the basics

Lastly, while FireAvert is designed to provide an extra layer of protection from fires for properties, it is important for property managers to keep up with regular maintenance on all aspects of their fire alarm systems. Ensure smoke detectors are properly maintained so they remain in working order, provide tenants with at least one fire extinguisher per kitchen, and keep all appliances clean and functioning properly.

FireAvert's auto stove shutoff and notification gateway

About FireAvert

FireAvert was founded by retired firefighter, Peter Thorpe. After years of responding to calls into the local fire department and seeing that immense destruction caused by largely avoidable kitchen fires, he created a powerful home fire prevention product that stops kitchen fires from turning into tragedies.

Every 4.5 minutes in the U.S., firefighters are called to homes to put out kitchen fires. Too many property owners think that fire alarm systems begin and end with a smoke detector. These fires could have been prevented with proper smoke alarm monitoring.

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Devin Stiles
Devin Stiles
Jul 12, 2023

The installation of fire safety alarms are very important to avoid fire incidents because these alarms sound loudly when they detect smoke. Always choose Mobile Locksmith experts for the installation of fire alarms at a reasonable cost.

Dwight Wagner
Dwight Wagner
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your comment, Devin! One of the remarkable aspects of FireAvert products is that they can be installed without the need for a professional. Our products feature a "plug-and-play" design, making them easy to install. Additionally, our dedicated customer service team and online help center are always available to assist you with any questions you may have during the installation process. Stop kitchen fires one home at a time.

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