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“It Benefits Everybody”

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Stacy Griebach is a property management vet. So she’s been doing the job long enough to have tried a number of different approaches to fire safety.

We caught up with Stacy to hear why she feels like no approach beats FireAvert when it comes to smoke alarm monitoring.

Stacy opted to use FireAvert for Glenmary Village—a luxury apartment complex in Louisville, Kentucky—partly because of the frustrations she’d had with other options at different properties.

“In another property I work at we installed these little cans that had a magnet and went up under the built-in microwaves,” she told us, “if a stove caught on fire, they were supposed to release a powder to put the fire out.”

“It’s an ongoing cost because it basically explodes so you have to buy a new one. And too big of a cooking pot can actually cause them to go off [without there even being a fire].”

While speaking of the benefits of FireAvert Stacy went on to list several: long-time cost savings, versatility (oven and stove fire prevention), and the fact that the device is out of sight so tenants don’t mess with it.

That last point is one that has been especially frustrating for Stacy. Speaking of the powder canisters she’d seen used at a different property, she said, “They’re easy to take off the microwave, or the range hoods, by residents when moving out, or just their children [playing with them].”

That created an additional expense: “Then you’ve got that replacement cost, which they’re not very cheap to replace—[especially because] it usually takes two per unit for the safety feature.”

All in all, Stacy is sold on FireAvert. “I think [FireAvert] benefits everybody.”

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