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Gina’s Library – Protect your home from fire with Fireavert

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

FireAvert's electric 3prong auto stove shutoff

Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of FireAvert.

My Thoughts about the FireAvert:

You are probably wondering what in the world FireAvert is. If you watch Shark Tank like I do, then you’ve seen them featured. This is something that every home with an electric range needs. It can literally save your life.

FireAvert protects your home from stove fires day and night! The best way to prevent or stop a stove fire is by simply turning off the stove before there is any fire, and that is exactly what this does. This continually monitoring for the sound of your smoke alarm. When your smoke alarm sounds from food left on the stove, FireAvert will turn off the stove before there is any fire.

A few months ago while cooking on the stove I dropped some grease or food into the stove top under the burner. It started to smoke and there were flames and my smoke alarm went off. I started to panic. Thankfully my husband was home and calmly put out the flames with baking soda. We hate to think what would of happened if I was home alone. If I had the FireAvert it would of immediately shut off power to my stove.

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