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Fire Avert tested in real kitchen fires

Recently we were asked for a real demonstration of Fire Avert working. So that is exactly what we did. We went to the store and grabbed rice, bacon, beans, and anything else we could find that could be left on the stove. Then we went to our lab where we have all our test equipment. We plugged in the Fire Avert and put food on the stove. We had a smoke alarm attached to the ceiling in the back corner of the lab. We put food on the stove, turned it on, and let it take its natural course. We simply walked away from the stove leaving the food cooking. We tested several different types of food burning on the stove and each time the smoke alarm sounded before there was fire and the Fire Avert cut power to the stove removing the threat of fire. Towards the end of the night we even tested grease. We left grease heating on the stove and walked away. Sure enough, the smoke alarm sounded and Fire Avert cut power to the stove preventing a fire. The concept of cutting power to the stove is new and powerful and will prevent many kitchen fires. As you will see, Fire Avert is the ONLY product on the market that effectively and reliably prevents fires before they become a threat. Doesn’t matter whether it is beans, bacon, grease, or brewing some of grandpa’s old cough medicine, when the smoke starts, the Fire Avert is there! We can’t wait until we are saving all those who are affected by stove fires! Please help us by spreading the word!

here is the link so you can watch our testing.

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