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Cook Safe in the Heat of July!

Updated: Jan 22

electric stove burner

Summer is always an exciting but busy season here at FireAvert, and we bet you and your residents feel the same way as you plan trips and vacations, clean the pool, and make sure everyone’s wearing their sunscreen. With longer days and higher temperatures continuing to rise, safety is on our minds, too.

During this season as your residents are away and spending more time outside, it would be the perfect time to ensure the safety of your residents and complexes by installing FireAvert units in the kitchen of each apartment. With FireAvert, you and your residents won’t ever have to worry about a kitchen fire causing damage in your apartments. With that kind of peace of mind, you can spend a whole lot more time enjoying this time of year, and every season to come.

To get more information about what installing FireAvert would look like for you and your business, click the button below to speak with one of our representatives. We’d love to help you make a safer place to live a reality.

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