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Watch FireAvert take control of
an unattended stove.

See how FireAvert helps prevent a kitchen fire.

This demonstration proves how quickly a pan left on a stove can go up in flames — while a stove equipped with FireAvert is automatically turned off as soon as the smoke alarm is detected.

How exactly does it prevent kitchen fires?

  • Simply plug FireAvert into the wall, then plug the stove into it.
  • Once synced, FireAvert monitors for the smoke alarm.
  • If the smoke alarm sounds, FireAvert immediately turns off the stove – before any fire.
Smoke Alarm Diagram

Benefits that help you uphold the senior living experience.


Allows seniors to live independently and safely.


Prevents unfortunate injuries and loss of life.


Helps avoid inconvenient evacuations.


Preempts costly community damages.


Counteracts insurance increases and other setbacks.

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