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FireAvert on Shark Tank

FireAvert automatically turns off your stove when you forget. FireAvert syncs to your smoke alarm connecting your smoke alarm to your stove. The next time your smoke alarm is sounding from food left unattended, FireAvert will hear your smoke alarm and cut power before there is a fire!

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Preventing Kitchen Fires With FireAvert

Cooking is relaxing fun that brings families and friends together, but it’s also the number one cause of home fires and injuries. That’s why Firefighter Peter Thorp...

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Firefighter creates fire-prevention product 'FireAvert'

Firefighter Peter Thorpe touts his product FireAvert as a fire prevention device ideal for those living alone.

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Utah Company Featured On SharkTank Helps Prevent Fires

Peter Thorpe, founder of FireAvert, joined Midday with a product that can save your home! FireAvert protects your home from stove fires in minutes, simply by plugging into the back of your stove...

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Local fire prevention product strikes a deal on 'Shark Tank'

A local businessman recently secured $300,000 on "Shark Tank" for his innovative product that aims to prevent kitchen fires. FireAvert founder Peter Thorpe appeared on the ABC program Tuesday night...

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