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The FireAvert Unit


1Maintenance Free

No batteries and maintenance free. Fits in the void space behind stove.


Electrical Current Detection causes activation only when stove is on and smoke alarm sounds


Reusable with a 25 year expected life. Resets at the electrical panel.

4Power Plugs Support

3 and 4 prong configurations available.

5Audiable Indication

Audible indication of FireAvert sync with smoke alarm.

6Light Indication

Light indicates number of times activated.

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Easy to Use

Install and forget about it.

Home Safety

Ideal for single famly homes, apparments, student or senior housing and anywhere else you want to prevent kitchen fires.

Peace of Mind

Have you ever forgotten to turn the stove off and left the room? We’ve got you covered.

Protect Loved Ones

Great for preserving independence and allowing seniors to age in place.

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