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FireAvert - Gas Stove Automatic Shut-Off Shark Tank Special

  • $ 169.99

FireAvert is the most effective way to protect your home from stove fires. Installs in less then 10 minutes and requires no professional skill.  FireAvert will automatically shut off the gas to your stove when your smoke alarm sounds from food left unattended.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing your stove can turn itself off!  It’s reusable and doesn’t expire!  No more burnt pans!  Keep your home and loved ones safe with FireAvert.


NOTE: Because of high demand we are currently on back order for FireAvert-Gas Stove until October. If you would like to order and be placed on the wait-list you can use the code "Gas Waitlist" to receive a 15% discount and we will ship you your order as soon as we receive inventory.


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