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FireAvert - 110 V

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House fires can be caused by many sources, such as your microwave, toaster, curling iron, space heaters, slow cooker, etc. FireAvert is now here to protect your home from any device that uses a 110 volt outlet! FireAvert for 110 volt outlets works the same as the original 220 volt FireAvert - simply plug it in and sync it to the sound of your smoke detector. The 110 volt FireAvert will cut power to the appliance it is plugged in to when it hears the smoke alarm going off. This will give you peace of mind in case someone leaves the space heater on, starts to burn something in the toaster or microwave, or your slow cooker has a short and explodes (we're looking at you, Jack Pearson). As with the 220 volt FireAvert, the 110 volt FireAvert is reusable and doesn't expire. Keep your home and loved ones safe with FireAvert.


It is estimated that FireAvert-110V will be delivered by the end of January 2019. If you place an order between now and January 31, 2019 enter the code 'Pre-Order' to receive a 15% discount. Again, it will NOT be delivered until the end of January 2019. If you do not receive a confirmation email that your order has shipped by February 1, 2019 please send us an email at

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