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Saves Lives and Money

Saves Lives and Money

Posted by Chance Kidd on

Stove Fire

“You should use FireAvert because it saves lives. We’ve had one resident here, she’s going through the stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. She would start cooking and forget that her pots were on. The first incidents, she literally melted the stove. We had those FireStoppers, they didn’t stop it at all. We were able to replace her stove. We put in our FireAvert and we plugged the stove into that. And the next time she forgot her pot, the stove just cut off. The first time, she melted the stove, if one of her neighbors hadn’t walked by and seen the flames, she was very, very close to setting the entire unit on fire. We have cottages. They have four units in one cottage. And so, there would’ve been four people displaced if she had caught the unit on fire. It just saved her life, period, when we put the FireAvert in, because it just cuts the stove off. She came, “Well, I don’t know why my stove is not working.” And I’m thinking to myself, “Because you left a pot on there that caught on fire.” It’s saving lives. That’s our biggest thing. It’s affordable. When it shuts the stove off, I just go and reset it. It’s simple. And that’s the best thing about it. It’s simple and it’s quick. And it’s saving lives.”

-Lydia Clay, United Church Homes and Services

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