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FireAvert Works

FireAvert Works

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"You should use FireAvert because it will save you operational expenses, as well provide secure living conditions for the residents. We installed FireAverts about two years ago in the entire two hundred and sixty-four apartments. We've actually prevented two fires on the property. Before FireAvert got here, we had an apartment fire and it was about $40,000.00 to redo everything in the unit.  We’ve had smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors, but we’ve still had fires. The FireAverts, shuts off the device when the resident isn’t home. It definitely helps us respond quicker and prevent damages It was an easy installation. It was a very quick process. Lots of support from FireAvert if we had any issues and follow-ups. It wasn’t as if they just dropped the box off. I definitely felt the care in the company and concern that their customers were happy. I think they’re just an awesome product. We truly appreciate all the customer service they’ve provided us.”

 -Nick Victorio, Presidio at Rancho Del Oro
















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