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Coy D. Porter Provo City Fire Chief (retired) about FireAvert

Coy D. Porter Provo City Fire Chief (retired) about FireAvert

Posted by Wes Clark on

To all those concerned about residential fires,

According to recent statistics provided by the National Fire Protection association (NFPA), the number one source of residential fires in the U.S. is the kitchen and of those fires, the number one source is unattended cooking. Most everyone knows that kitchen fires can cause significant property damage and in fact, these fires injure thousands of U.S. citizens every year.

I have over 36 years of fire service experience and have recently visited with a number of Utah fire prevention specialists and found near unanimous support for further advancement of new kitchen fire prevention technology developed and demonstrated by Utah firefighter Peter Thorpe. Firefighter/Paramedic Thorpe’s wireless FireAvert technology is the first we have seen that cuts power to an electric stove when a nearby smoke detector is activated for more than 30 seconds. Unique to this demonstration, the FireAvert recognized the unique cadence and audio frequency used by all brands of smoke detectors. It also resisted false alarms caused by extraneous noises such as loud music.

As working smoke detectors universally reduce the risk of residential fire injury and death, the FireAvert demonstrated by firefighter Thorpe provides a rapid response to a potential threat, averting a kitchen fire before it starts. Hence, in my view, it provides a significantly reduced risk of fire caused by unattended cooking.

I believe that in residential environments, this product offers significant safety and risk reduction benefits not previously possible. The FireAvert shows great potential for kitchen fire prevention.

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