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Mother of Autistic Children Miracle Story

Mother of Autistic Children Miracle Story

Posted by Wes Clark on

I began using FireAvert in my home about a year ago. It was not very long after I installed it that I found I really needed it. Out of my seven children, I have two autistic sons—age 11 and age 6. My 11-year old loves to cook and we love to give him that chance to learn and express himself. One day we were all at home and my 11-year-old decided to make some mac-and-cheese on our flat top stove. I had stepped outside for a few minutes, just next door on in the front lawn. Meanwhile, my son got a little distracted with his cooking and just left the hot pad on the stove and left the room. The hot pad began to smoke and our cheap smoke alarm went off. My 6-year-old does not like loud sounds so he eventually came running out of the house and down the street covering his ears. That was a scary moment for me when I realized what had happened. I ran home and into a slightly smoky kitchen but no fire and my family in safety. FireAvert did just what it said it would do; the sound from our smoke alarm signaled my FireAvert unit and shut off our stove. There was no damage to any cabinetry or appliances. FireAvert saved my home from going up in flames. And I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to my kids. My kids are my world. I am part of a “Mothers of Autism” group and I recommend FireAvert to everyone there. Every family should have a FireAvert unit installed in their home. It was simple to install and I never had to reset it or anything after the accident. It’s still just plugged in protecting my home and family.

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