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Sam Bernards, FireAvert customer.

Sam Bernards, FireAvert customer.

Posted by Wes Clark on

FireAvert customer testimonial!

My kind mother-in-law flew into town to stay at our home and watch our four children so that my wife and I could celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to the Pacific.  The day before we left I installed the FireAvert unit and showed my mother-in-law how it worked to shut off the stove in case of a fire.  The day after we arrived at our destination I received a text from her explaining that the FireAvert had just saved our house from burning down.  She was cooking and the grandchildren had distracted her such that she left the kitchen…with the food still cooking!  A short time after, the smoke detector shrieked its warning that a fire had started.  With a horrible realization of how she had left the stove on, she raced to the kitchen and found that the stove was safely turned off.  Had the FireAvert not been installed we may have lost that which is most important to us:  our family.  And we may have lost our home, as well.  FireAvert saved.

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