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Start Your Summer with FireAvert

Start Your Summer with FireAvert

Posted by Chance Kidd on

June 2019

Our Summer Plans

The only thing people might like more than all of the fun activities they plan during the Summer months is talking about those plans with friends and strangers alike. Here at FireAvert, we get it--there's just something about Summer that makes it the perfect time to plan big events and make memories with those you love. Whether it's the weather, the break from school, or all the BBQs, we're not sure--though we think it may be due to a bit of all those things. So, to share in the fun, here are some exciting things coming up for FireAvert this Summer that we can't help but want to share: 

  • Next week, June 27-28, we will be attending the annual NAA Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado! It's the biggest show we attend each year and we are getting excited to be there and to meet so many of you face to face. We hope you'll stop by our booth #923 at the event and say hi! 
  • We are developing a new product called the WaterAvert that will help prevent water damage! Click here to see what it will look like and fill out a form to be notified on more information as it comes! 

We hope you, your families, and residents have a safe and enjoyable Summer! If you would like to learn more about the FireAvert and see how simple installing them would be at your complex, just click the button below and let us know! This time of year is a great time to install in apartments when families are out on vacation. 


Firework Safety

Are fireworks legal in your state? If they are, check out the first post in our Summer Fire Safety Series about firework safety. Whether you've never lit a firework before or you've been doing it for years, it's never a bad idea to review the best safety practices before Independence Day arrives. 

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Social Media Strategies

As time goes on, social media becomes less and less a mere helpful tool for growing your business and reputation online, and more of a necessity. Check out an article from MultiHousing News at the link below for social media tips for the Multi-Family market! 

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Watch our New Video! 

Last month we debuted a new video highlighting why FireAvert was created and how it prevents cooking fires in every type of kitchen. Click the link below to watch it and see how easy it is to keep you and your residents safe!

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Protect your Property. Preserve Your Investment. 

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