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Keep Your Complexes Full, Tax Reform, and the Future of Multi-Family

Posted by Ben Jenkins on

We Love Fire Safety

While it seems that most people tend to think of Valentine's Day as a day about romance and flowers and boxes of chocolates, here at FireAvert we like to take the time to think about all the people and things we love that bring us joy. One of the things we love the most is having the opportunity to help apartment complexes and homes around the country be protected from the
danger of kitchen fires. Not only can the damage they cause to structures be costly to repair, but they can take lives as well. We're so grateful to be making a difference where safety is concerned and we'd love to help you protect your complexes and residents as well this year. Click the button below for more information on how you can bring the FireAvert to your complexes today!
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Tips to Keep Your Complexes Full

In a recent article from Multi-Housing News, learn about marketing techniques that can help you draw in more residents and fill all of your apartments. Click here to read it and find out about the power of staying relevant, offering incentives, and following-up. 

What the Tax Reform Means for Multi-Family

With the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted by the government, you may be wondering what its affect will be on the housing industry. To find out more about what this new act means for you and your business, click here to read the article from Multifamily Executive

Embracing the Future of Multi-Family 

Last week at a seminar in LA, the future of the Multi-Family industry was up for discussion. Read this article from Propmodo that recaps how focusing on innovation, investing in technology, and adapting to the changing market will be in your favor in the future. 

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