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FireAvert for Gas Stoves!

FireAvert for Gas Stoves!

Posted by Chance Kidd on

Introducing FireAvert 

for Gas Stoves!
It's an exciting time at FireAvert! After months of development, we are pleased to announce the arrival of FireAvert for 110V outlets and FireAvert for gas stoves! These products have been years in the making and we are so excited to now be able to bring the safety and innovation of our original FireAvert to kitchens with gas stoves and 110V outlets. 

A question we've often received is "I would love to order FireAvert for my apartment complex, but does it work on gas stoves?" Up until recently, the answer was no. But now, it's yes! If you've been one of the people who have asked this question, we'd love to talk to you about this development and help you make a safer kitchen and apartment a reality for your residents. 

Click here to get 15% off of your first order of FireAvert-Gas Stove!

We hope you and your residents are having a spectacular Summer, and we hope if you'd like more information that you'll click the button below to get in contact with us. We're just a click away! 
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FireAvert in the Wild

Just a week ago we were at the NAA Conference in San Diego. Here's a picture of our team at our booth during the event! We had so much fun and loved getting to see so many of you at this big venue. Let us know if there's a conference you'd like to see us at–we'd love to come!

A Free Lunch is Waiting

Once again we are going to pay for another office's lunch! All you need to do is email a picture of your office standing in front of your property sign holding a FireAvert with the caption “We Love FireAvert” to Then, at the end of the month we will put your pictures into a drawing and select and contact a winner!

See if You're a Winner!

Last week at the NAA show in San Diego we raffled off this Kate Spade Purse. Click here to find out if you won! We often give away purses like this one when we attend trade shows and conferences, so come visit us next time you see our booth! 

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Protect your property—preserve your investment.

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