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Stove Fire

Stove Fire

Posted by Wes Clark on

Stove Fires are more common then you would ever imagine. NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) call stove fires the US fire problem. So just how common are stove fires? Believe it or not every 3.5 minutes there is a kitchen fire in the US, for a grand total of 155,000 every year. And these are just the reported fires that a fire department gets dispatched to. You can almost double these numbers for the number of stove fires that are never reported.

So why are stove fires so common? Think about it, you have an extremely hot element with flammable material all round. You have your microwave and wood cabinets all round. But more importantly you have human err involved. How often do you start to boil water, heat up a skillet, or leave rice or meat slow cooking on the stove and leave the room? Maybe you go and check the mail box, answer the phone, or even fall asleep on the couch. This is when you have problems! Just because you are not cooking with grease doesn’t mean you can’t have a stove fire. Matter of fact most stove fires had no grease at all just the pot and food is all it takes.

Again and again we hear about a stove fire that started from someone falling asleep on the couch or even more common they got distracted and left the house. People think that it’s okay to leave food cooking slowly on the stove why they run to pick up their kids or why they go work in the garden. Just because you have done this before doesn’t mean it’s okay. What happens is the water or liquids inside evaporate to fast and the food starts to smoke, even the skillet or pot on the stove will start to smoke. Eventually enough heat builds up, the microwave will start to melt, and the cabinets start to burn. the smoke damage from these stove fires is bad enough, it’s actually deadly!

These stove fires result in over 500 deaths every year and over a billion $ in property damage every year. The best way to prevent a stove fire DO NOT leave the kitchen while cooking. Unfortunately we are slow to learn and think it will never happen to me. So protect your kitchen from a stove fire and install a Fire Avert.

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